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A note from GET Summit and SPL founder

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Thank you for your interest in attending, speaking, and sponsoring the Global Elections & Technology (GET) Summit.

Nothing is more important to our democracy than free and fair elections. And today that's being challenged by foreign countries and bad actors. These efforts are calculated, deliberate, and impact all of us that believe in liberty, freedom, and the rule of law.

The GET Summit was launched as an effort to bring together the wide range of stakeholders working to protect democracy. And to serve as a platform for people to engage, connect, inform, and innovate. There are a lot of people in government, private industry, civil society, and academia committed to ensuring that democracy remains vibrant and accessible to everyone. Our goal is to provide an enduring space for this community to gather and for others that share our values to find us.

The GET Summit is a non-partisan event. We are proud to create a safe space where people across the political spectrum can have constructive and provocative conversations. SPL is committed to securing and advancing democracy in the United States and around the world. 

Welcome to the GET Summit 2019. We are so pleased you are able to join us. 

Charles Belle, Executive Director, Startup Policy Lab


Please email info@startuppolicylab.org

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